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Early Stage of Establishment:
General Education was undertaken by Department of Common Education.
February 2000:
Department of Common Education was transformed into College of Social Science and Management.
November 2001:
General Education Committee Office was founded under the Office of Academic Affairs as an administrative organization.
August 2004:
General Education Committee Office was reformed as Center for General Education as an administrative unit under the Office of Academic Affairs.
August 2008:
Center for General Education was reformed as an independent academic organization instead of administrative organization. Meanwhile, the Curricula of General Education was revised to encompass three major study categories: “humanities,” “social sciences” and “natural sciences.” Students must take a total of 30 credits in the Curricula of General Education before graduation.
August 2011:
The curricula structure of General Education was reformed to include 5 study areas under each major study category, amounting to a total of 15 minor study areas. In addition to the revision of Students’ Guideline for General Education of National Chung Hsing University, the Center for General Education also completed planning of the Self-Study Curriculum outside classroom and the development of the Management System of Self-Study Curriculum to complement in-classroom teaching.

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